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Structured Cabling Group

In the early 1990s, when the data communications market really started taking off, the lack of a unifying standard proved problematic. There was a proliferation proprietary solutions from companies with no way to ensure performance and no guarantee of interoperability. The lack of standardization hindered the ability of this industry to both meet the needs of users and to grow as a market.

The Commercial Building Cabling Standard was ratified, and its publication revolutionized the industry. Its purpose was to specify a structured cabling system that would provide a minimum level of performance, support a multi-vendor environment, provide direction for the design of telecommunications equipment and cabling products and establish performance and technical criteria for various types of cable and connecting hardware.

We at Transol Systems's professional inter-networking custom-design, install, optimize the small & complex networks. They help ensure uninterrupted workflow within your organization. We offer state-of-the-art structured cabling solution, supported by indepth specialized expertise with certifications. Our Strong partnership with industry leading partner Tyco AMP will enable us to arrive at the best suitable solution for our customers.